Free Digital Stickers Added to the Freebies Vault

Just wanted to add a quick note to say that I added some fun digital stickers to the stickers vault for May. As usual they focus on the next month, so these are actually all June related. These stickers can be used in your digital planner, on social media, and in other fun personal ways. They are already cropped into individual files.

I have also added June date stickers to the free digital planner folder in the freebies vault. So you can easily turn any notebook or undated planner into a dated planner by adding these dated stickers for June.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so in the Freebies Vault tab in the menu above.

I have added a lot of fun somewhat random digital stickers through out the month as well. These are fun stickers that I have created that didn’t fit any theme. So I just put them in there for fun. You can find them in the vault in the free stickers’ folder.

I hope these stickers brighten up your day and your planner as well. If you want to get a free planner you can join my Facebook group and get a free undated planner until 6/20/2021.