Elevate Your Planning with Coffee-Themed Digital Stickers

Are you a coffee enthusiast who loves to stay organized? Do you enjoy adding a touch of fun to your digital planner? Look no further! Our new collection of coffee-themed digital planner stickers is here to bring a delightful caffeine boost to your planning routine.

A Brew-tiful Collection

Our coffee-themed digital planner stickers are designed for all the coffee lovers out there who find joy in a perfectly brewed cup. From whimsical illustrations of steaming mugs to cute coffee beans and inspirational quotes, this collection has everything you need to add a splash of personality to your daily planning.

iPad sitting on a desk with Goodnotes open showing coffee themed digital sticker book

What’s Included?

  1. Coffee Cups and Mugs: Adorable stickers featuring various styles of coffee cups and mugs, from iced coffee to oversized latte bowls. These stickers are perfect for marking your coffee breaks or simply adding a cozy vibe to your planner.
  2. Coffee Accessories: From coffee makers and grinders to sugar jars and milk frothers, our accessory stickers are perfect for adding detail and flair to your planner pages.
  3. Matching Coffee Themed Planner Stickers: Keep a cohesive look with the same colour palette for your call reminders, list making, and to do list check boxes.
  4. Weekly Planner Page: Customise your own weekly planner pages in Canva and download them for free to your planner.
  5. Goodnotes File: Receive a Goodnotes notebook file you can import directly into Goodnotes with 100 pre-cropped stickers.
  6. Pre-cropped PNG Files: The files will also be available as 100 individual PNG files for download.

Why Digital Stickers?

Digital stickers offer a unique and flexible way to personalize your planner without the bulk of physical stickers. Here are some benefits of using digital planner stickers:

  • Reusable: Unlike traditional stickers, digital stickers can be used over and over again without running out.
  • Customizable: Resize, rotate, and layer stickers to fit your planner layout perfectly.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduce waste and save paper by using digital stickers.
  • Portable: Access your entire sticker collection from your tablet or smartphone, making planning on-the-go a breeze.

How to Use Your Coffee-Themed Stickers

Getting started with digital stickers is easy! Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Download: Purchase and download your coffee-themed sticker pack from Etsy.
  2. Import: Open your favourite digital planning app and import the stickers, I recommend Goodnotes, but they work in all the usual apps.
  3. Organise: Create a dedicated folder or section in your app to keep your stickers organized and easily accessible. If you are using Goodnotes this is already done for you when import the Goodnotes file to the app.
  4. Decorate: Start adding stickers to your planner! Experiment with different layouts and combinations to create a planner that’s uniquely yours.

Brew Up Some Fun

Ready to add a jolt of joy to your planning routine? Our coffee-themed digital planner stickers are the perfect way to express your love for coffee while staying organized. Whether you’re planning your week, setting goals, or jotting down notes, these stickers will make the process more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Visit our Etsy shop today to explore the full collection and start brewing up some fun in your digital planner. Happy planning! ETSY SHOP

About the Author

Amanda is a digital planning enthusiast and coffee lover who enjoys creating fun and functional stickers for fellow planners. When not designing, Amanda can be found exploring local coffee shops and perfecting the art of the perfect brew.